Dr. Carlie Paquette


Dr. Carlie Paquette
Dr. Carlie Paquette DVM

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows Dr. Paquette that she became a veterinarian. She has held a special place in her heart for animals ever since she was young. Between the ages of 9-14 she moved to a dairy farm, and got to care for the animals. She watched the large animal veterinarian hard at work. This sparked her interest in veterinary medicine.

Originally from Goderich, Ontario, Dr. Paquette graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2010 with her DVM after completing her general Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Guelph, majoring in Animal Biology.

She became passionate about animal nutrition in vet school as she learned about the deep ways it affects animal health. She enjoys working with clients at PAH to find a suitable diet for their pets. Nutrition can greatly affect over-all health and a diet recommendation can change a pet’s life- which she finds very rewarding. In some cases, a pet’s health concern can be treated by a simple diet change. That is why it is so important to her that she talk to pet owners about nutritious options for diet and treats.

One of the things Dr. Paquette enjoys the most about working in veterinary medicine is learning about the major differences in different species, as well as the differences in dog and cat breeds. She has limited experience treating exotic companion animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs and rats.

Dr. Paquette has three pets that she rescued; two cats, Bruce and Oscar and a dog named Bea. Bruce is a six year old long-haired brown tabby that she rescued from a farm during her externship in Bruce County. Oscar, a seven year old short-haired brown tabby, and Bea, a four year old Border Collie mix, were both rescued through the SPCA. Bea has seasonal allergies and food sensitivities that Dr. Paquette manages with a veterinary specific diet and medication. Bea has many tricks up her doggy sleeves, including playing dead when you shoot her “BANG” and smiling on command!

Dr. Paquette lives in Pembroke with her husband Joe, who is a member of the Canadian Military. She is very active and enjoys winter sports, running with Bea and hiking the many trails in the community. She also plays right wing in hockey. Second to her passion for veterinary medicine is her passion for travel, which pulls her all over the world. She has been to Rome, London, Paris, Portugal, Cuba and Australia, just to name a few.

Practicing in an AAHA hospital means that Dr. Paquette is encouraged to grow and learn as the veterinary field progresses. She attends the Western Veterinary Conference and the North American Veterinary Conference every year to stay current on advances in the industry. If she hadn’t become a veterinarian she would have become a professor, but luckily for the pets at PAH her love for all creatures guided her to the perfect profession for someone whose heart belongs to the animals.