Bloodwork Services for Pets

Bloodwork is an invaluable tool in veterinary medicine to ensure the well-being of our patients.

We have several tests that we perform at different stages of your loyal companion’s life to ensure they are healthy. Bloodwork is the main diagnostic tool that is used at any age or health status. From performing blood tests we can learn more about their blood chemistry and blood count. Blood chemistry panels allow us to check the functioning of your dog or cat’s liver, kidney, pancreas and gallbladder. Complete blood counts can tell us whether or not your pet is dehydrated or anemic, or showing signs of cancer, autoimmune or tick-borne diseases.

When is my dog or cat required to have bloodwork?

Most people know that bloodwork is used to diagnose illness, however, in veterinary medicine, we also recommend it for the following reasons:

  1. To know the patient’s baseline or normal health information. It’s important that your veterinarian knows your cat or dog’s blood count and chemistry when their health is normal so that they can spot changes in the future.
  2. The patient has an upcoming surgery or procedure that requires general anesthesia. By analyzing the patient’s blood we can determine if they are healthy enough to withstand and recover from the procedure. Pe-anesthetic bloodwork also helps the veterinarian determine how much anesthesia can be used during surgery.
  3. Before the patient starts a new medication or treatment. Knowing the components of the patient’s blood can reveal how the medication will interact with their body.

To discuss bloodwork for your cat or dog, feel free to call us at 613-732-3641.

What happens during a blood test?

At Pembroke Animal Hospital we have an in-house laboratory where we test all blood samples. Withdrawing blood is an easy process and our team is well-trained to ensure it goes smoothly. We will locate a vein either on the neck or forelimb and use a needle to carefully withdraw blood. Your feline or canine companion feels little to no pain. The procedure will be over within just a few minutes and our team will begin to analyze the sample immediately.

How can I prepare my cat or dog for bloodwork?

You won’t always be able to prepare for bloodwork as the veterinarian may recommend unscheduled testing. However, with scheduled blood panels we recommend that the patient fast up to 8 hours before the appointment. Eating within that time frame can possibly affect the quality of blood samples that we get, prompting retesting.

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