Deworming Services for Pets

A routine procedure to remove and prevent worms from infecting your cat or dog.

Most pet parents know that their pet needs to be dewormed at the start of their life. This is an absolute must but deworming doesn’t stop there, it should be carried out every 3 months after your companion animal has matured. Deworming is one of the many services we offer that is necessary for your cat or dog’s well-being and growth. To schedule a deworming appointment for your pet, please call us at 613-732-3641.

How are worms diagnosed in cats and dogs?

As there are different types of worms, we use different methods to diagnose them. Most internal worms except for heartworms are diagnosed by examining a fecal sample under a microscope. Heartworms are diagnosed through blood tests since the worms release proteins which show up in your pet’s blood. Other worms like tapeworms can be identified in the stool with the naked eye. 

What are signs of worms?

The symptoms of worms are not always apparent which is why it’s best to follow a strict deworming plan. In many cases, by the time the symptoms are noticed the worms may have multiplied and already started to damage organs. Here are some signs that your feline or canine companion has worms:

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Blood in their stool
  3. Excessive coughing
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Swollen abdomen
  7. Scooting
  8. Weight loss

Is deworming necessary for indoor cats and dogs?

Yes, we still recommend deworming for indoor pets. This is extremely important if they interact with other companion animals inside the home, in boarding facilities, parks etc. Your indoor cat or dog will also seize any opportunity to venture outside so it is better to give them protection before they are infected.

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