Dog & Cat Veterinary Exams

A yearly check-up with a veterinarian to keep your dog or cat in good health.

Dogs and cats require at least one comprehensive veterinary health exam every year. Preventative health allows us to establish a baseline for them and to spot possible issues earlier in their development. If we do find any potential health problems, it is much easier (and more cost-effective) to treat them as early as possible. This goes a long way in making sure your pet stays happy, healthy, and by your side for years to come!

What happens during a veterinary exam?

During your dog or cat's checkup, we comprehensively assess their bodily systems. This includes monitoring their weight for any unnoticed changes and examining their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and teeth for signs of illness or oral problems. We also listen to their heart and lungs and examine their abdomen and joints. If the physical examination indicates any concerns, we may conduct additional diagnostic tests. Following the assessment, the veterinarian will discuss their findings, provide necessary medication, and offer recommendations for your pet's well-being.

When should my senior cat or dog have a veterinary exam?

Senior pets can easily develop illnesses that can have a detrimental effect on their health. For this reason, your senior pet should have bi-annual veterinary exams. With frequent checkups, we can detect underlying conditions before they make a turn for the worst. Kittens and puppies also require more than one veterinary exam each year. In total, they should have around 3 veterinary exams each year to ensure they are healthy and developing properly. To schedule a veterinary exam for your cat or dog, please call us at 613-732-3641.

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