Practicing the Best Medicine

You’ve probably seen the “AAHA“ logo while in our clinic or when visiting our website…but what does it really mean and how does it affect you and your pet?

Here at Pembroke Animal Hospital, we take immense pride in our AAHA-Accreditation and are delighted to share with you the ways in which this benefits your pet. AAHA stands for American Animal Hospital Association. AAHA’s core mission since 1933 is to set the standards for veterinary excellence, and this is still the driving force to why we choose stay AAHA-Accredited.

Veterinary medicine and the client’s expectation of his or her pet’s hospital is constantly changing. AAHA is an organization that is always evolving. It truly understands that it’s not just about the quality of veterinary medicine you practice, it’s also about the trusting relationship that you build with the client, the culture that your clinic has and the team members that understand your clinic’s “WHY”?

AAHA-Accreditation makes a clinic better. It holds the clinic accountable.

Our clinic voluntarily opens our doors to be inspected by AAHA, an organization that prides themselves in creating extraordinary veterinary hospitals. They review our medical records, our standards of practice, our team’s continuing education programs, our medical and surgery equipment, the cleanliness of our hospital, our laboratory practices, our radiography techniques, our pain management, dental, vaccine, senior and nutrition programs. Most of all, they review our patient care.

Our team understands the importance of these inspections and we strive to exceed AAHA’s standards. We routinely review these standards to ensure that we are being the best that we can be, so that we will not disappoint our clients with the care of their pets.

We are very serious about our WHY; “Making a difference in the lives of pets, and the people that love them.” This is why we partner with AAHA. AAHA is about compassion, dedication, professionalism and achieving excellence; it’s constantly improving veterinary medicine, but never forgetting that it’s about patient care and relationship building with the client.

So… what does AAHA-Accreditation mean to you and your furry family member? It means you are greeted by name and with a smile, that your pet’s medical record is complete, and that our doctors will get to know you and your pet and tailor your pet’s treatment to meet his or her needs. It means that the lab test will be accurate, that registered veterinary technicians will monitor your pet under anesthesia to ensure they are safe, that the team is continuously learning about new medical techniques and medications to better serve your pet. It means that your pet will be pain free after surgery, that we will only recommend the best for your pet and that we truly care.

So celebrate our AAHA-Accreditation and take pride in your choice by choosing AAHA- a higher standard of care.

By Anita Voldock, RVT

Anita is a Registered Veterinary Technician and the Practice Manager at Pembroke Animal Hospital. She has been working at PAH for 15 years and loves working with pets and the people who love them.