Dr. Richard Hobart


Dr. Richard Hobart
Dr. Richard Hobart DVM

If you ask Dr. Hobart how he came to work at PAH he would tell you that he thought it would be a great place to start his career. He started working at PAH as a student after his second year in the veterinary program at University of Guelph where he graduated with his DVM in 1981. His dedication to compassionate veterinary medicine is why he was the driving force behind one of the hospital’s greatest accomplishments: being accredited with AAHA in 1983. Three years later he became a partner and never looked back- he has been practicing at PAH over 35 years.

At the age of 12 Dr. Hobart made a decision to be a veterinarian. He wanted to help pets because he believes they are valued members of the family. His journey into veterinary medicine led him to becoming a founder of the Renfrew County Veterinary Association in 1985- serving on and off as president for the past 24 years. Dr. Hobart has also served on the board of the CCVA and on the leadership council for AAHA.

The most rewarding accomplishment throughout his career has been helping his patients and supporting his clients through the good times and bad. That is why veterinary cremation standards are so important to him. Veterinary Referral Cremation Services (VRCS) was founded as part of the PAH family in 1993. Informed, about the poor standards in the pet cremation industry Dr. Hobart wanted to ensure that all veterinary clients had respectful treatment of their beloved pets. Thanks to his help, extensive professional and ethical standards were codified for the International Association of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories through his work as chairman of the IAOPCC Pet Cremation Standards Subcommittee. He became the primary author of the IAOPCC Pet Cremation Standards.

Dr. Hobart’s furry family includes Penny and Tempe the six year old Bichon and Maltese mix sisters and Tia Maria, a two year old Labrador retriever mix. Tia Maria has hip dysplasia which Dr. Hobart has well managed with a therapeutic diet and medication.

Dr. Hobart loves gadgets and figuring out how they work. He can probably answer just as many questions about your pet as he can about your iPad. He has a very active lifestyle. He plays croquet, pickle ball, volleyball and enjoys power walks with Tia Maria.

Dr. Hobart enjoys staying current on advancements in veterinary medicine. He attends at least one international veterinary conference a year, as well as veterinary meetings in Ottawa. He has been a member of the Veterinary Information Network since 1994. His goal is to be on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine and to continue to grow as a doctor.